Repartition in classes

Notice MTC/4 – 04.06.2020
Dear Parents,
As the school reopens, we improve the online classes to guarantee harmony at home with regards to economy, time, family members and psychology. With the above in view, the classes will obey this pattern- 1. Secondaryclassesaretaughtonzoombetween9:00amto1:00pm.Practical/Projects/workshops and personal work are done from 2:00pm. Under parental control and teachers instant observation through photos of work done sent by whatsapp.
2. PrimaryandPreprimaryclassesmorningisatimeathomeformotherstotalkwiththeirchildand supervise their personal work. At 1pm zoom classes will start with class teacher. In addition a mother group leader will help a few mothers who face difficulties with their own child. This support is empathetic, friendly, positive and practical.
We feel that this formula is the most appropriate. However if you have any doubt feel free to contact us.
With kind regards Marica Founder

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